Instructions for use Rhino-correct

Nose corrector Rhino-correct - Instructions for use

how to use

In fact, Nose Concealer - Rhinoplasty is quite easy to use without surgery. The application takes place in three stages without outside help

  • The first stage is the preparation of the skinBefore the procedure, the patient must perform a light facial massage. This action will greatly facilitate the process and speed up the result.
  • The second stage - fixation of the corrector on the noseThe top edge should lightly touch the bridge of the nose and the bottom should wrap around the nostrils. Separately, you should check whether the device interferes with nasal breathing. Leave Rhino-correct in this position for two hours.
  • Attachment of the corrector to the nose
  • Waiting for the resultAfter removing the corrector, it is recommended to rub the skin to restore and normalize the blood supply to the nose. And then - expect an amazing result, which will not be long in coming.

Indications and contraindications

The natural composition of Rhino-correct has contributed to the fact that there are no contraindications to its use. The corrector acts gently on the skin, does not cause allergies.

The use of Rhino-correct is not subject to any age restriction. Nose corrector - non-surgical rhinoplasty is suitable for children, pregnant women and elderly patients, in addition, it smoothes and narrows the surface of the nose with all forms of curvature, and also fights asymmetry. According to experts in Spain, this corrector is the most effective competitor of rhinoplasty.