Rhinoplasty the nose is the most popular plastic surgery in the world. Operational or intravenous intervention corrects most imperfections (in the truest sense of the word) part of the face, make the lines fine and harmonious, a woman, or the man the trust in yourself and your beauty. In the case of the plastic of the nose, there are a lot of nuances, including, it is considered to be one of the most difficult types of surgical procedures. Let us understand the nuances of the Operation.

What of rinoplastika is?


Rhinoplasty is a surgical or injectable route, in order to correct the deformation or imperfection of the shape of the nose. Also the complex Operation after the complete restoration of the nose count. The human nose is a complicated Organ, the provider is responsible for many tasks: from breathing, to proper metabolism. He has the benefit of a complex structure of the nasal and frontal bone, large, small, lateral cartilage and incremental, so the different types of rhinoplasty relate to all parts of the body. With the help of such surgical interventions in the nose and make it proportional, direct, fine, with a distinct nose bridge, properly with the wings and nostrils, small tip.

Not to be confused rhinoplasty plastic-and respiratory diseases. In the second case, the Operation for correction of nasal septum. The aim of the Intervention is the improvement of the breathing. But the nose correction is performed with aesthetic reasons. A high-quality nose correction optical transforms people, makes his facial features thinner, finer. Corrected problems and aesthetic and medical character, which you can see on the photo "before and after" on the Internet. Implementation of the nose correction can only qualified doctors — plastic surgeons with years of experience. The fact that nasalis correction requires a large responsibility from the specialist, otherwise, increases the risk for the encounter with the unfortunate result.

Specifics of the Operation

You should know that a surgical nose correction involves the committing of the cuts with a scalpel for the modeling of forms in the open nasal cavity through move, or remove part of cartilage ways. The doctor should treat responsibly, the implementation of all phases of the Operation. According to the American Society of Surgeons-plastics nose correction takes the 3. Place in popularity among all cosmetic surgeries. The nose is an Organ responsible for respiration, the indirect influence on the correct saturation of the blood with oxygen and thus on the metabolic processes throughout the body. Modern methods of correction often brings together not only the aesthetic correction of the shape, but also the restoration of proper nasal breathing.

The designated expert should. There are cases in which women are treated, which is not provoked in the clinic where the would-be expert not only solved patients ' problems, and even the shape of the nose has worsened instead of customization, but also part of the tissue is damaged, his actions, extensive swelling of the face. Not to forget, that in a life is important Organ – the brain. Qualitative implementation of the Operation can only in specialized clinics, you should carefully examine the reviews on the Internet and the advice of the most reliable specialists. Keep in mind that the use of fillers work open to reduce the nose. The doctor in the situation, the proportions change, which can visually improve the Situation.

Types of rhinoplasty

Nose correction

Modern plastic surgery offers various options for the correction of the shape of the nose. On the basis of the wishes of the customer, the scope of the physiological functions of the nasal cavity and cartilage, medical indicators, evaluation of the work, you can use this, or any other way the conduct of the Operation. In the case of minor defects is not recommended, due to fit the shape with the help of injections and surgery.

View General Information The essence of the Operation
Closed Rhinoplasty As a minimally invasive method of the correction of the shape of the nose, closed surgery is the most effective.
It is recommended for the correction of small defects of forms, for example, divided the tip of the nose.
The main advantages of the application:
low probability of edema, low invasiveness, minimal risk of complications.
The surgeon makes small incisions inside of the nasal cavity, then it cleanses. The outer skin remains intact.
Open Rhinoplasty It is demanding and requires the surgeon a lot of experience and skill-correction procedure. Required in the case of strong bony deformations to the mechanical impact, the side or the top of the deformation, when the need for transplants. Also, the method is used in the osteotomy. In the fold between the nose bleed holes through which the cartilage is separated from the skin. Next, the surgeon holds the necessary manipulations.
Non-invasive (injectable) rhinoplasty The modern and safe way to improve your appearance with the contour rhinoplasty.
It is recommended that the procedure once in 1-2 years.
The beautician used a injection of fillers Gel or liquid preparations on the Basis of hyaluronic acid. Substance fills in the spaces with the necessary hollow and corrects imperfections of the shape of the backrest, tip, nostrils, or any irregularities.

After a closed rhinoplasty is not visible scars, but after this type of Intervention swelling is present, if you look with the open technique.

Indications and contraindications

Women try to improve their appearance, and if the shape of the nose seems to be imperfect, then you can fillers resorting to plastic surgery or injections. The measured values can be divided into two types – medical and aesthetic. To the medical include the following factors.


  • The curved cartilaginous septum complicating exposed to the breath and stimulating the swelling of the respiratory tract at a temperature;
  • Post-traumatic Form of Deformation, curvature, or displacement of the cartilage;
  • Birth defects, hindering the breathing.

Aesthetic indications, very hesitantly, and are not direct indications for surgery, apart from obvious cases, disparities.


Correction of the nose
  • Big nose or backrest;
  • A big tip of the nose ("potato");
  • The presence of strong curvature;
  • The lack of a pronounced nose root;
  • Hamate nose, with the bent tip down;
  • Upturned.

The types of surgery, rhinoplasty, there are many contraindications.


  1. acute infections;
  2. Malignant Tumors;
  3. Cold sores;
  4. low blood clotting;
  5. acute Rhinitis;
  6. Heart Disease;
  7. Pyelonephritis;
  8. Injury to the Psyche.

You can also do the correction of the shape of the nose during pregnancy and lactation as well as during Menstruation. You will analyze your relationship to look like and to decide whether surgery is required or they are the beauty of the natural.

Preparation for rhinoplasty

Operation preparation phase is preceded by:

  1. The plastic surgeon must advise the patient and prepare them for the Operation discussed his wishes, after studying his health, explains the nuances of a "new" nose.
  2. In front of the plasticity by a series of Standard tests should include blood count and biochemistry, ECG and consultation by a therapist.
  3. If the Patient has no contraindications, then, on the day clinic.
  4. For 10-15 days prior to admission to the hospital clinic, the Client must abstain from alcohol, Smoking, heavy meals, food, and sleep led.
  5. A few hours before the beginning of the use of food and water is excluded, a violation of this rule can lead to negative consequences of surgery.
  6. If you are planning to fully adjust to correct the shape of, or serious defects, before plasticity visited necessarily consulting anesthesiologist – a complicated surgery is performed under General anesthesia and requires a study on intolerance to the components of anesthesia. Defects in the shape of the nasal tip will be corrected under local anesthesia.

There are cases when the anesthesia leads to a Spin-Off phenomena. It is vomiting, nausea, pain in the neck. Plastic frightening not seemed so severe, doctors recommend issues watching Videos on the Internet, more and more materials about rhinoplasty and in the mood to read a positive result.

Nose correction

How is the Operation? (Steps)

Operational types of rhinoplasty consist of several phases:

  1. The anesthesiologist injected gives the patient a local anaesthetic for small surgical procedure or General anesthesia for more complex cases, the deformation of the cartilage. Performed additional analgesia for the switch-off of the receptors can be.
  2. In the area of Varro Columella, between the nostrils, is a thin incision with the scalpel, and the Operation itself — open or closed begins. In the first case, the surgeon cartilage is freed from the skin, in the second – makes the necessary manipulations without the temporary removal of the skin.
  3. About surgical instruments, the doctor agreed defects are corrected with the patient. If necessary, in the cartilaginous area of implants inserted, or, on the contrary, a piece of tissue will be removed. The average period of Operation – 50-120 minutes.
  4. After completion of the procedure sutures and the nose anchoring Association close. Hard-to-executable versions of the rhinoplasty for the correction of small areas of the nose, instead of requiring only a local anaesthetic, or without him, therefore, the correction consists of three phases — the preparation, injection and remediation measures. If necessary, injection, repeat.

You can protect yourself for a couple of weeks of sporting activities where you can injure the nose. The most advanced type of correction of defects of the outer side is a Laser – this Tool replaces the scalpel, reduces blood loss and promotes rapid healing of the tissue. Learn more about the nuances of the procedure on the consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Post-operative period (recommendation of doctors)

Rhinoplasty – one of the quickest plastic surgery, which takes a time of from 1 to 3 hours, but the rehabilitation period of two weeks to a month.

  1. After the surgery, due to damage to capillaries, remain bruising and swelling. That the seams came apart, and the nose in the desired shape, within 10 days, the Patient must wear fixing Association.
  2. In the nose are inserted Tampons, the cessation of bleeding.
  3. Not within a month, there is a sharp or hot food, sports and swimming, straining the muscles of the face.

Even the Rehabilitation is not very painful. The main problem – experiencing difficulties with breathing. But swelling and bruising can occur for about 2 weeks. Doctors recommend not to wash your patient carefully, without moistening of the nose and the wearing of clothes with zipper or buttons, shoot through the head. Correction of the shape of the nose – the only effective way, in order to improve its shape and thus, the facial features in harmony.

The doctors-cosmetologists and plastic surgeons recommend the operational capacity for serious corrections of the change of the width or the length of the nose until full recovery after accidents. For minor adjustments you can with place holders.