Nose Correction Nose

Nose correction-nose – often the requested correction. This is the Central part of the face and of the entire geometry, and the perception from the outside depends. Each Person nature has a wide variety of external data. Also the tips of the noses are different: they are cast thin, narrow and wide up to the three-dimensional and low. And it often happens that nasal design host does not meet. It is in such a case, the help of plastic. What are the possibilities of elimination of the defect?

What is rhinoplasty the nasal tip is?

Nose Correction Nose

Nose rhinoplasty is a surgical method for the correction of the Region, the most popular Operation is rhinoplasty. There are some General factors that have a rounded tip of the nose (or bulbous nose).

  1. Patients with thicker skin on the nose is often a rounded tip. In this case, you can the excess tissue.
  2. The second reason – the cartilage itself. The lower and the lateral cartilage can be too wide or convex.

To correct the Operation of the tip of the nose:

  • rounded reduced;
  • reduced lifting;
  • crooked – rectifier;
  • wide – narrow.

The lowered peak corrected by the removal of cartilage tissue. But plastic surgeons and other types of correction. This and the elimination of asymmetries and sagging Varro Columella (the skin separating walls between the nasal passages), etc., Such plastics are among the most difficult. The complexity of the surgical procedures due to the specificity of each Manipulation. Because the structure and shape of the cartilage tissue of the patient distinctive. After the failure of the Operation, the Patient is risked, maimed and deformed by the tip or the entire nose. Therefore, it's worth it, trust surgeons with experience: he's planning necessarily an Operation in a particular case. For this you need the best specialists for rhinoplasty in the city.

Who nose shown correction?

You go to the clinic for the conversion of the top of the nasal will not be able to, the clients of the plastic surgeon that discovered that certain contraindications:

  1. Disease Cancer Properties;
  2. Signs of infections;
  3. the presence of Diabetes;
  4. Diseases, both acute and chronic in nature;
  5. Autoimmune Diseases;
  6. inadequate blood clotting;
  7. Inflammation of the nasal cavity.

Pregnant Manipulation shows after the successful appearance of the newborn on the light.

The methods of correction

Today, in the medical-aesthetic clinics often use the method of Simulation with the help of Computer Hardware. Therefore, the Patient is before the surgery, the face looks in the photo with the new top. Plastic process for the conversion of the configuration of the nose is done in 2 ways – open or closed. In the case of open rhinoplasty, a doctor makes the first cut in the field Jumper and later pterygoid freed cartilage with the further removal of unwanted substances.

At the end of the seams. To increase if necessary, or to reinforce the top, Rack use cartilage. The doctor, by a similar technology, controls the op-process. This helps the surgeon to avoid possible omissions and misinterpretations. In the closed procedure the doctor the nasal mucosa cuts the skin, it triggers the leaf-shaped cartilage, and stitched, creating the desired shape. But this method gives room for the actions of the doctor, as in the case of the application of the open procedure, since the Dr-plastic limited in the use of technology.

To keep track of the surgeon in this case is difficult, the vessels possible damage to the blood. Because of what the Patient is risking a hematoma prolong and Rehabilitation. Closed rhinoplasty leaves a small seam 4-5 mm in the vicinity of the threshold of nose. What is the method of carrying out the procedure is decided by the doctor.

The Operation for the correction of the nose

The implementation of the Operation

Adaptation tips of the nose and the surgeon leads the patient with the use of General or local anesthesia. The duration of the proceedings not more than 1-2 hours (in rare cases 3). In the operating period, the surgeon penetrates soft tissue and cartilage tissue, columella. The procedure, taking into account the anatomical characteristics of the customer. The device, fortress, shape, thickness of the cartilaginous tissue of the nose, other qualitative differences into account. The doctor exfoliate the soft tissue of the bony structures and nasal area, in order to meet gradual planned activities to the change in the design. The surgeon adheres to the rules of the "do no harm!", the appearance of the patient is not affected.

Due to the excessive clipping of the cartilage and other tissues, the peak, is the loss of load-carrying functions of the nose. And this leads to perekaschiwaniju, disorders the natural way, But also if the nose is cut off after the Operation, accompanied by excessive tissue, your individuality is not lost, the Patient runs the risk of a unsatisfactory healing. Therefore, the aim of the surgeon – do not disturb properties of the nose wear. In reality, rhinoplasty, only the top-you rarely need.

The adjustment of the individual zones of the nasal anatomy may have an impact on other areas.


Using the plastic Manipulation permitted such adjustments is:

  1. The reduction in the size of the tip of the nose reaches reduced sustinendo Designs. The correction is carried out by means of measures: reduction of the lateral legs, vulnus side and middle legs, cartilage, gunning notches, cut or fluctuation, the middle legs of the cartilage. The methods of reducing nasal tip ends to stretch the outer stop. To avoid this, surgical resection of the port-wing narrow nozdrin.
  2. Enlargement (expansion) of the tip of the nasal associated with the concept of the "perfect projection". It is by the position of the tip above the backrest, gives the spicy upside-down. To achieve this you must seal feet combine with lower lateral cartilage and narrow down the flat dome of the cartilage of the tip of the wing. It seems that the extension is carried out with the application of the cartilaginous bio-plant, and it leads to the strength of the tip. Tissue graft is permitted, and at the top in the area of the domes.
  3. The width (narrowing) of the tip of the nose out. Excessive width of the formed cut voluminous cartilage side walls of the nose, placement, and Form. A similar error is eliminated by the connection of the stems of the lower lateral cartilage and the Regeneration of the cartilage bio. A reduced width of the tip of the nose looks pointed. Reviews the use of such a procedure, each of them received the subtle changes in your face.
  4. Re-deployment of the tip is in the case of an excessive pitch up/down. Error connection corrected medium stalks of the lower lateral cartilage with the further fixing with the bar in the selected Position.

Plastic ended up productive, you should trust the experience and skill of the surgeon.

Tips prior to surgery

The preparation for the Manipulation is important as it is for the doctor and patient. Physician-plastic thoroughly customer inspected to assess health status and possible contraindications. The customer waives any 7 days in front of the nose correction to the Smoking and the alcohol, drugs, the influence on blood coagulation. He is also taking analysis before the procedure:

  • Community – Blood -, Urine;
  • biochemical blood;
  • on Hepatitis and HIV;
  • on Prothrombin;
  • on the Antigen.

It will take, and the results of the fluoroscopy, computed tomography, paranasal sinuses cavities, fluorogram, ECG. When a plastic surgeon neglects any Phase in the preparatory period for the surgery, preferably on the services without.

8 rules for proper Rehabilitation

The recovery after the Operation, usually without complications:

Nose correction is one of the most difficult
  1. Drinking and eating is permitted after 3-5 hours at the end of the procedure. Drink restriction in water up to 2 L/day. The fuel consumption is not hard, not hot and not cold food, with the exception of the menu too salty and spicy food.
  2. The first 2 days on the face, visible swelling, and hematoma, the Patient feels limp, painful symptoms.
  3. No pronounced swelling after the plastic is usually stored for up to a month. So they did not interfere with the breathing.
  4. Customers for a few days forget about the appearance under the sun, physical activities.
  5. Do not smoke, drink alcoholic beverages and coffee.
  6. Forbidden to remain in the spaces where it is cold or hot.
  7. Under taboos and activity, improves the blood pressure.
  8. The Rehabilitation is accelerated a careful observance of the hygienic and non-binding promises of the doctor.

Complications (possible) to fix the nose

Such an Operation is complex and jewellery fineness in the work of the surgeon. And not to be excluded, the risk of the treatment of the patient for the implementation of the re-rhinoplasty. In the number of the possible negative phenomena:

  • Deviation of the edges in the areas of the incision;
  • Deformation Of The Cartilage Tissue;
  • the penetration of infection and bleeding.

Appearance of the unsatisfactory outcome of rhinoplasty, the nasal tip is due to the fact that it is tissue excessive removal of cartilage. After that, the peak increases either sharply upward, such as pigs - "Piglet" or falls in the opposite.

To resolve such incidents can only conduct by means of repeated. The newly implemented procedures are performed to restore the basic structure, the support of the nasal tip. But once again, operates more than 3 times. Cartilage should be deleted on both sides, to avoid, in the exact proportion that asymmetries. Repeated rhinoplasty can not be less later than 4 months after the previous Manipulation.


The price for an event on the tip of the nose, may be different in different cities. At the expense of the reflected and a place in the ranking of the clinic. And all of the professionalism and experience of the surgeons and the level of performance in the medical facility. Don't risk it, if in the clinic, the prices are lower than the competition. Such an Operation cannot be evaluated, much too cheap.