Nose correction nose: methods, types and steps of the Operation.

Everyone – Individuality. In the world there is absolutely identical people - each has its own character, Temperament, strengths, weaknesses, and unique image. But there are characteristics in appearance, which can ruin the life of a people, in the truest sense of the word.

Nose correction

It's ugly, nos. He draws the attention to others. The irregular shape or curvature will be able to deliver a lot of trouble in childhood, and form a persistent complex is.

But the Problem of aesthetics is always an important motivating aspect. Many patients plastic of the nose in connection with functional disorders of respiration, would like to make the the health.

Rhinoplasty – plastic surgery on the nose, on the correction of the shape and size of the nose surgery or non-invasive manner. Often rhinoplasty is combined with the correction of the nasal septum.

Anatomy of the nose

The essence of the Operation, you must have a little familiar with the structure of the external nose. Be part of the cartilaginous and bony tissue. The upper part supports the bone, and the lower Phase stops at the cartilaginous plates from the centre. Of them also the type and shape of the tip of the nose depends.

The nose clearly stands out from the level of the Person, so that his imperfections are noticed immediately and other. Quite normal, and of course the proportional and neat, the nose want.

We must not forget that the nose, and performs a number of important functions:

  • Respiratory
  • Olfactory
  • Reflex
  • Protective
  • Language.

It is therefore particularly important, not only to the beauty of the nose, but its functions. The nose correction takes into account not only aesthetic, but also medical (reduced or absent nasal breathing) indications.

Indications for the plastic of the nose

  • Excessive Length
  • Disproportionate
  • Deformation after injuries
  • Curvature
  • The saddle-shaped Form
  • Big Nose Holes
  • Congenital Malformations
  • Violation of nasal breathing
  • The personal wishes of the patient

Types, methods and principles of rhinoplasty surgery

In plastic surgery there are open, closed, and non-invasive surgery of the nose. Each of them is on the basis of the specific objectives.

The method of rhinoplasty is based on the direct consultation to visual inspection. The decisive factor was the degree of deformation, the presence of disorders of respiratory function, as well as your desires.

  1. The open method of

    The open technique of rhinoplasty includes access in the area of foreclosure – folds of skin that separates the nostrils, and in each nostril. The Operation allows the surgeon to precisely all the areas of the nose in the edit cave, so that an optimal visualization. The study of the skeleton of the nose, correction of forms and structures. Such an Operation is justified voluminous surgical tasks, and then remains a barely visible scar.

  2. Closed Method

    The closed rhinoplasty is carried out inside the nostrils. In the course of the Intervention, the skin separates from the bone and cartilage tissue. All surgical procedures using special instruments. The doctor removes or adds bone and cartilage tissue, and then sewn to the soft parts.

    Tripe after the plastic is absolutely imperceptible. Many patients remain satisfied with this methodology, art materials, because it offers a short recovery time and excellent cosmetic properties.

  3. Invasive Method

    Non-invasive nasal correction is done without a single cut, and decides, especially small cosmetic defects. For example, smoothing the sharp tip of the nose, the angle of the nose wings or asymmetries.

Correction of the nasal sinuses

The Problem of crooked nasal septum

Deviated septum may be due to the deformation of the bones, the cartilage, so both of them at once. The main causes of the curvature of the nasal septum are genetic factors and Trauma. We should also consider the birth injury of the nose to emphasize: it could also be a cause for the dislocation.

Types of partition walls warped

The curvature of the nasal septum is perhaps one of the most common reasons patients turn to surgeons, and recourse to plastic surgery on the nose. In the course of time the breathing will worsen through the nose significantly, what to dehydration of the mucous membranes and the development of the nose can lead to sinusitis. Sometimes, deviated nasal septum accompanied by a deformation of the outer structures may be necessary, therefore, to the simultaneous correction of the external structures, the septum or the turbinates. Here you can detailed read about the surgery of the nasal septum (septoplasty).

Nose correction: the main types

Today, nose correction, the Form of plastic surgery, in which the mass of the methodologies together with the most modern equipment and the latest technology. But the meaning of such operations as rhinoplasty, is the correction of bone and cartilage framework. Can also nose correction the nose is not carried out, the prices differ in particular from the plastic of the nose, bulkhead and Installation of fillers.

Correction of the nasal septum

Before you find this type of nose correction you should, what the septum is. It is part of the nose, the holes in a section of the skin of the septum between the nose. She is responsible for the shape of the nose. A rhinoplasty is worth it, if the Partition is too small or large, sloped or above the nostrils, and also, if you have the desire, just enhance your nose. Rhinoplasty can eliminate all defects, which is associated with the shape of the nasal septum.

Correction of the projection of the septum with the help of a Stand.

Correction of nose holes

This process solves the question of the shape of the nostrils wide or narrow. In the case of the reduction of the size of the nostrils is narrowing of the external nasal passage and removing a portion of the wing is assumed. The shape of the nose in rhinoplasty is with the cartilage, is combined with the outer ear or the nasal septum.

Reduction of the width of the wings of the nose.

The elimination of the curvature

Boring curvature to fix the nose a large number of patients. We make a smooth back and a straight slim nose. To get rid of curvature, we use a special surgical Instrument, with the help of deleted areas of the bone and cartilage. Then the open arc between the bones remains. Then the edges, sharpens the elimination of the deformation and the Position of the bones changes.

Remove the instruments, the curvature of the nose of the special surgical.

Correction of the shape of the tip of the nose

During the Operation small incisions inside the nostrils are. If the Patient has a potato for a nose, then the surgeon will remove the portion of the cartilage of the Delta, and the seams overlap so the desired nose form. In this embodiment, the open rhinoplasty is the most appropriate methodology.

Diagram-correction of the width of the tip of the nose. A width of the tip of the nose during the Overlay-suture, B - Change seam the width of the tip of the nose to the.

The use of fillers

The application of these materials is in the case of the correction of the tip of the nose, smoothing of sharp corners, minor defects. During rhinoplasty, fillers are injected under the skin and remodelling the shape of the nose, smoothes small wrinkles, fill the cavities. In addition, a process of this type is a non-invasive nasal correction, it is virtually painless and takes only a small cut, and then not always.

Stages Of Rhinoplasty (Plastic Nose)

  1. Phase Of Anesthesia. In General, rhinoplasty is performed under General anesthesia.
  2. Step – Cut. Plastic surgery to the nose either using a closed procedure, if the incisions hidden in the nose, or an open procedure, when the cut is made by a partition, a narrow strip of fabric that separates the nostrils from each other.

    Through these incisions, the soft tissue of the nose, gently lift, by the way, the structure of the nose.

  3. Phase - change in the shape and structure of the nose. With cartilage, which may be from other parts of the body, rhinoplasty is the nasal structures increase. Most commonly used for this purpose pieces of cartilage from the nasal septum. Sometimes cartilage from the ear and rarely a part of the rib cartilage can.
  4. Phase - correction of a deviated nasal septum. If the septum is crooked, then correct and disappearance of the symptoms of respiratory complaints.
  5. Phase - closure of the cut. Once the basic structures of the nose is attached to the desired shape, the skin and tissue of the nose placed on the body and sutured the incisions. Be made further incisions in the natural creases of the nose to change its size.
  6. Stage results and the recovery after the Operation. The tire and tube will hold the nose until it heals within about a week. Despite the fact that the initial swelling subsides within a few weeks, the new contour of the nose shows permanently, sometimes only after a year.

To keep the shape of the nose after the Operation, nose plaster sticker overlay, you can wear 8-9 days after the surgery.

Bleeding around the eyes is usually invisible and completely disappear within two weeks. If you are not able to recommend a pair of glasses, which contribute to 1.5 months after rhinoplasty.

During this time, you will notice a gradual change in the appearance of your nose. Swelling may most clearly manifest in the morning in the course of the first year after surgery on the nose.

Contraindications for the plastic of the nose

Each Operation has a list of contraindications, and rhinoplasty is no exception. Patients with these diseases, the Operation is contraindicated: Acute infectious diseases, severe somatic pathology, Diabetes mellitus, blood clotting disorder, cancer, pathology, HIV infection, pregnancy and lactation.

The prices for plastic nose

The price for the plastic of the nose depends on the chosen method and scope of the intervention. If you want to make rinoplastiku and the plastic of the nose, then the price will be slightly higher. The final price of the surgery only after consultation. Also, the price of a rhinoplasty depends on which clinic you choose, by surgery. If you want to know how much of it you nose costs correction you will see the information in the corresponding Segment of the Internet,the use of such information in a network very many.