Rhinoplasty: before and after the operation

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular and sought after plastic surgeries. Most of the girls think their nose is ugly and will ruin their appearance. But before you go to the surgeon, there is a lot of information you need to study about it and make sure that it can be done.

Indications for a nose job

Rhinoplasty (before and after surgery confirms this) works wonders.

before and after nose surgery

As you can see, an indication of such an operation can be not only a desire to correct your disadvantage. For example:

  1. Deformity after injury.
  2. Congenital structural defect.
  3. Curvature of the septum.
  4. Other problems that resulted in an injury or complete inability to breathe through the nose.

Rhinoplasty will help you get rid of all of this. Before and after the operation, you should keep your spirits and patience. When there is the slightest doubt, it is better to refuse.

Contraindications for Rhinoplasty

Photos before and after the rhinoplasty

In addition to the internal mood, pay attention to the contraindications:

  1. Age up to 18 years (exceptions are operations after injuries). This is due to the formation of the skull bones only at this age.
  2. Blood disorders (for example a bleeding disorder).
  3. Inflammation of the skin of the nose. In this case, the operation is possible if it is passed.
  4. Both first and second type diabetes mellitus.
  5. Serious diseases of the internal organs.
  6. Oncological diseases.
  7. Infectious diseases.
  8. Age from 40 (regenerative processes are weakened, as a result of which the tissue slowly heals, the risk of complications is increased).
  9. Acute viral diseases.
  10. Cardiovascular pathology (for example, arterial hypertension or coronary artery disease).

As you can see, there are many contraindications. Only decide if you are one hundred percent sure that you need a procedure as complex as a nose job. Before and after surgery, all recommendations must be followed.

Methods of rhinoplasty

Several methods of rhinoplasty have emerged since the days of ancient Egypt:

  • closed;
  • open;
  • not surgical.

The choice depends on the specific purpose.

Photos before and after nose surgery

Closed nose job

In this case, the incision is made in the nostrils. After the skin is separated from the bones, the nasal cartilage and the planned manipulations are carried out. Then all the soft tissues are sutured and the scar remains invisible.

Open nose job

In this case, an incision is made in the area of the skin fold that separates the nostrils from each other. This method is needed in a situation where major surgery is planned. The scar becomes invisible over time and few people will be able to understand that you have had an operation such as a nose job. It can be difficult for you before and after the operation, as the procedure with this method is extensive.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

Yes, yes, and it is possible now. True, seriously correcting the nose, just smoothing the sharp angles of the wings, changing the angle of the tip and eliminating the asymmetry will not work. This is done with the help of an injection of medication - a special gel, hyaluronic acid or even autologous fat.

Even so, there are far fewer complications and difficulties here and the price is lower than a conventional rhinoplasty. Photos before and after the operation clearly show the result:

before and after rhinoplasty

Stars and Rhinoplasty

Confident beauties watch us from posters and television screens. Even so, among them there are many fans of plastic surgery, especially rhinoplasty. Why do they do that? And celebrities have child complexes too, even they can feel ugly. Plus the same injuries and even changes in appearance to get a role. We'll show you what the stars looked like before and after the rhinoplasty.

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston claims to have an operation for medical reasons. Anyway, she doesn't deny the double manipulation of her Greek nose.

Jennifer Aniston before and after her nose job

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie also didn't like the broad bridge of her nose and the rounded, upturned tip of her nose.

Angelina Jolie before and after the rhinoplasty

Girls who come to plastic surgery clinics now also "order" their noses.

Marilyn Monroe

One of the first famous celebrities to need a nose job. Before and after photos:

Marilyn Monroe before and after the rhinoplasty

Yes, even the first Hollywood beauty once decided to have surgery, which gave her the smooth lines of a thin and clean nose.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron decided to have surgery because of three nose fractures she sustained while surfing. The deformed bridge of the nose and the crooked nasal septum made breathing and speaking difficult. Diaz now has a nifty nose shape.

Cameron Diaz before and after the nose job

Megan Fox

Megan Fox also turned to surgeons. Thanks to the operation, she said goodbye to the hump and also lifted the tip of her nose. Incidentally, the result is called an ideal.

Megan Fox before and after the rhinoplasty

The nose before and after a rhinoplasty sometimes doesn't look what you'd expect. Unsuccessful cosmetic surgeries are common among the stars. For example, everyone does not know the best surgical outcome in the Jackson, Michael, and La Toya families.