Rhinoplasty without surgery - non-surgical correction and contouring of the nose

Nonsurgical nasal art is a cosmetic procedure designed to correct minor defects in the shape and contour of the nose without surgical methods. The results that can be achieved with this technique should be clearly understood. All serious defects, curvatures of the nasal septum or a decrease in the nose - all this is the lot of surgical corrective cosmetics.

Procedural options

Modern plastic surgery offers a wide range of methods for correcting both significant and subtle defects. The search for a solution to such problems began a long time ago. More and more new tools are constantly being developed. Older methods are leaving the arsenal of practicing beauticians and plastic surgeons.

Before and after nonsurgical rhinoplasty

Nowadays, plastic surgery of the nose can be done without surgery using the following methods:

  1. Fillers.
  2. Subjects.
  3. Hormonal drugs.
  4. Longuets.

Choosing one or another method of changing the shape of the nose without surgery depends on a large number of factors. First of all, you need to clearly define the goals, especially describe the error of interest and the desired result. The doctor will choose the most effective method of nonsurgical nasal plastic surgery (if possible).

A thorough collection of anamnesis is carried out, the presence of hypersensitivity reactions to certain drugs, information about concomitant diseases is collected. Based on the synthesis of all the information received, a decision is made about the tactics of dealing with the problem. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty can solve a fairly large number of problems, but it is not a radical method.

There are several reasons for this:

  • The methods used can only fix small defects.
  • Most of the options that can be offered have a temporary effect, that is, they require repeated manipulations.

However, there are also enormous advantages over surgical methods. This is the duration of the procedure, which rarely lasts more than half an hour. And a very short recovery period (a few days at most). Correcting defects is not accompanied by pronounced pain.

A separate indication for performing a nonsurgical rhinoplasty is to correct certain "defects" that could not be changed during plastic surgery.

Application of fillers

The term "fillers" refers to specific substances used in a process called "nose contouring". At the moment there are 2 major groups of fillers: absorbable and non-absorbable. However, more and more people are moving away from the latter group.

The main fillers are:

  1. Preparations based on hyaluronic acid.
  2. Collagen-based preparations of various origins.
  3. Preparations based on mineral compounds - calcium hydroxylapatite.
  4. Preparations based on artificially synthesized organic substances.
  5. Non-absorbable fillers: silicone implants and lipofilling.

Correction of the shape of the nose with fillers is carried out as follows:

  • The problem area is assessed using a number of parameters.
  • the most suitable correction method is selected;
  • The filler is inserted to the desired depth with a special needle.

The amount of substance injected is sufficient to correct small defects in soft tissues and cartilage skeleton. In most cases, the manipulation is preceded by local anesthesia. For this purpose, the so-called application anesthesia is used (a special gel containing a local anesthetic is applied to the skin of the nose, the bridge of the nose and adjacent areas).

After 30 minutes the painful sensitivity of the skin is completely lost. After completing the main stage of the procedure, it is recommended to wear a special splint for 24 to 48 hours to prevent the filler from loosening and unnecessary trauma from occurring.

Despite the fact that non-surgical rhinoplasty is performed very quickly, in order to avoid undesirable effects and consolidate the result, a number of rules should be followed within 14 days:

  1. It is impossible to be exposed to both local and general effects of elevated temperatures. Avoid going to baths, saunas and solariums.
  2. Sun exposure as little as possible. And if necessary, use sunscreen.
  3. Any mechanical impact on the nose area (cosmetic manipulations, massage) is strictly prohibited.
  4. Avoid consuming alcohol, the breakdown products of which in the body are able to interact with the filler substance and disrupt its shape.

Hyaluronic acid and collagen

Hyaluronic acid is one of the main components of the intercellular substance of connective tissue, including the skin. It gives it properties such as elasticity and smoothness.

This is due to the structure of the molecule of this acid: there are a large number of hydrophilic (water-attracting) branches that saturate the injection site with fluid. Thus, after the penetration of hyaluronic acid into the thickness of the skin, an accumulation of water molecules occurs, which leads to a small local increase in the volume of the treated tissue.

The use of these drugs is based on the fact that with the help of which the shape of the nose can be changed without surgery. Considering the fact that the preparations of this group are in the form of a gel, to which the necessary properties can be given immediately after administration, this allows the beautician to give the nose the necessary shape.

Immediately after the drug is injected into the skin, there will be a slight swelling of the tissues. A small hematoma may form. For the most part, these side effects are subtle and hardly attract attention. Usually, the edema disappears without a trace within 4-7 days.

Contraindications for the administration of hyaluronic acid preparations are:

  • inflammatory processes in the injection area;
  • Infectious diseases;
  • Diseases associated with a decrease in blood clotting;
  • severe course of diabetes mellitus of any kind;
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding period.

Another type of filler is products that contain collagen. It is also a normal part of the skin that gives it firmness and elasticity. Usually it is produced by the cells of the connective tissue - fibroblasts. However, with age, this substance "ages" and the skin loses its previous properties.

Collagen, which reduces visible blemishes, can be cattle or humans. The latter should be preferred, as beef protein is a foreign substance to the body and is much more likely to cause side effects (severe swelling, pain, itching, burning sensation, rejection and suppuration). In order to avoid unforeseen reactions, an allergy test must therefore be carried out before the introduction of preparations based on bovine collagen.

A large number of tools have been developed on the basis of human collagen that can be used to perform a nose correction without surgery. These drugs have an undeniable advantage. Human collagen does not have as pronounced reactogenic activity with respect to the immune system, so it can be used without a preliminary allergy test.

Each of the preparations based on human collagen has some special features. Correction of the nose without surgery with these drugs is carried out on the same principle as with substances containing hyaluronic acid.

Hormonal drugs

The most widely used synthetic analogs of adrenal hormones - glucocorticoids. These hormonal drugs have been found to be able to destroy soft and cartilaginous tissue at the site of their injection. This is used to correct small bumps in the nose.

However, the use of this group of drugs takes several weeks and requires extreme care and firmness of the hand from the doctor, since an incorrect dose or incorrect administration of the drug can make the defect even more noticeable.

It should also be borne in mind that hormonal drugs have a number of special contraindications. They should not be given to patients with local inflammation or active herpes, severe diabetes mellitus or an infectious disease. In addition, glucocorticoids should not be used for fungal infections. This is due to the fact that hormones suppress those immune responses that normally inhibit the development of pathogenic fungi.

The use of hormones during pregnancy and breastfeeding is strictly prohibited, as these substances can penetrate the placental barrier and milk.

Cosmetic threads

For the use of cosmetic threads, a technique was developed that is based on the introduction of thread-like structures into the skin and the tightening of the necessary areas with their help. This method allows you to lift the tip of your nose, which is bent too down, to correct the contours of the wings and bridge of your nose.

Marking on the nose for the introduction of cosmetic threads

There are several important points in the operation of cosmetic threads:

  1. Over time, the threads will dissolve so you can perform the fix again in the future (if necessary).
  2. Since the thread is a foreign body, there is a natural reaction to its penetration into the internal environment of the body - the development of connective tissue. This fabric is retained even after the thread has been absorbed. Thus the effect remains permanent and in some cases permanent.
  3. The material from which they are made does not cause allergic reactions.

It is important that cosmetic threads make it possible to drastically change the contour of the nose (profile) without surgery. This cannot be achieved with other methods of rhinoplasty.

Despite all the advantages, using threads can cause some complications:

  • Suppuration;
  • insufficient inflammatory response;
  • broken thread;
  • Curvature of the nose shape.

Application of splints

A longuette is a plastic device that is selected and designed according to individual needs. This device makes it possible to both shrink the nose without surgery and to easily change its shape.

The use of splints to reshape the nose without surgery

A major plus of this method is that there is no need to damage the skin, which completely excludes the introduction of infection. Minus - you have to wear splints for a long time. A noticeable effect can only appear after a few months.

If the reflection in the mirror does not always fit, but there is no desire to go to surgery, modern cosmetic science can offer many methods of correcting small defects.