Plastic nose: advice, reviews. Before and after photos

If you are not satisfied with the shape or size of your nose, you can contact a plastic surgeon. Nowadays, this operation is one of the most popular. Many Russian and foreign pop stars resorted to it.

Girls often worry about how they look. Someone thinks that her beauty is hindered by the "irregular" shape of the nose, the narrow lips or, conversely, too lush like that of Angelina Jolie. Everyone has their own standard of beauty.

Master selection

Have you decided to change your appearance? A nose job is a great choice for a change. Choose a specialist in this field very carefully.Choosing a plastic surgeonYou should not only pay attention to the work experience, the surgeon should feel which form is suitable for you so as not to change your personality too much.

Progress does not stand still. With the help of rhinoplasty, today you can get any shape of nose you want, change the size of the nostrils, make the nose thinner or remove the hump. Nowadays very popular plastic for the tip of the nose. It is considered to be the most difficult operation in plastic surgery as it involves soft tissues and cartilage.

There is an open or closed rhinoplasty (nose operation). The specialist will also determine which type you need during the consultation.

Where can I contact you?

Nasal plastics can be made in private cosmetic clinics or government agencies. It's your decision. In private institutions, the cost of such a procedure is of course higher. The price also depends on the operation performed.

Operation methods

Only one operation can eliminate all existing errors. For example, when doing a nose job, you can instantly correct both the wings and the back. The type of implementation is chosen by the doctor based on the details and interventions. And he will choose what will help you.

  • Closed nose surgery (photo)

The essential thing is to perform the operation with minimal damage. It is performed through the incisions and does not touch the columella. Advantages of this method:

  1. short rehabilitation phase;
  2. There are no scars or scars left on the skin.
  3. No sutures have to be removed as self-absorbable sutures are used.
  4. better predictability of the result;
  5. closed plastic surgery of the nose
  6. The blood flow remains normal.

With a closed nose operation, you can evaluate the result in just six months. As in all cases, there are some drawbacks:

  1. The surgeon performs the operation almost blindly, so he must be highly qualified.
  2. This method does not solve all medical problems.
  3. Sometimes it is not possible to ensure the symmetry of the sewn arches.

It is required to pass the required tests and exams in advance. After the operation, the patient remains in the hospital for another 1-2 days.

  • plastics with an open nose.
the result of an open nose surgery

This type of operation is characterized by the presence of edge cuts. After incisions, the skin is brought to the bridge of the nose, exposing the bone-cartilaginous tissue on which the necessary manipulations are carried out. Advantages:

  1. The specialist can achieve the correct symmetry of the nose.
  2. It is possible to install grafts.
  3. With this method the plastic surgeon can observe the progress of the operation.

With this correction method, the result can be evaluated after 9-12 months. Disadvantages:

  1. long recovery period;
  2. less predictable effect;
  3. Damage to skin nutrition.

Open rhinoplasty is prescribed when other methods cannot achieve the desired result. The indications for this method are: a complex anatomical shape of the nose, repeated surgery (when it is necessary to remove the defects of the previous one), the installation of grafts.

Measured values

irregular shape of the nose the reason for plastic surgery
  • Curvature of the nasal septum.
  • Defects of the nasal cavity.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Wrong nose shape.


  • Age up to 18 years (due to the fact that the facial skeleton is not yet fully developed).
  • blood clotting pathologies.
  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • oncology.
  • infectious diseases.
  • Serious illness of one of the internal organs.
  • skin diseases.
  • High or low fever.

What problems can be solved with plastic surgery on the tip of the nose?

All indications are divided into acquired and physiological. The first category includes various deformities of the nose as a result of injury or illness. The second category includes:

  • nostrils too wide and vice versa;
  • offset to the left or right of the nose axis;
  • upturned, hook-shaped nose;
  • large tip of the nose.

Note that even this process can change you beyond recognition. Information for women: No plastic surgery on the tip of the nose is performed during menstruation. The most suitable time is 7-15 days after its completion.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty

The fear of an operation is always there. You will also be terrified of stories about the dangers of anesthesia, long recovery periods, and the scars that remain on your skin. It is worth noting that harmful anesthesia is a thing of the past. Nowadays, anesthesia is deep sleep activated by harmless drugs. With the latest surgical techniques, you can operate without leaving any marks on the skin.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty for people with minor defects

But if the patient still doesn't feel like turning to plastic surgery, there is a way out - contouring the nose. Cosmetic clinics are constantly promoting this procedure. This is really an advance in medicine! Without risks and complications, you can change the shape of the nose, smooth out the deformation, remove voids and other imperfections.

The main benefit of non-surgical rhinoplasty is the absence of stitches, scars and edema. It's also called an injection. The name speaks for itself. The desired effect is achieved through injections based on hyaluronic acid. However, it should be borne in mind that the result will be less noticeable and permanent than with surgical interventions. This option is suitable for people with minor deficiencies.

What other advantages does nose contouring have? No pain, the effects can be felt from 6 months to a whole year. Financially it's cheaper. The process from start to finish takes about 40 minutes, and there is no need to specially prepare. A slight burning sensation may occur at the drug administration site in the days following the operation.


Would you like to be convinced of the effectiveness of the rhinoplasty? It is enough to familiarize yourself with the photos of the plastic nose before and after.Results of nose surgery before and afterAfter the operation, a plaster cast is applied to the nose. It must be worn for 7-10 days. Turundas are inserted into the nasal passages for a day to prevent bleeding. The patient feels the greatest discomfort due to the fact that he has to breathe through the mouth. Sometimes bruising around the eyes is observed. After about a month there will be no trace of them left. In extreme cases, they can last up to six months. To quickly get rid of puffiness, hardware cosmetic procedures can be prescribed. During the rehabilitation period, you may need to go through special procedures. For example: rinse the nasal passages, and then lubricate them with the drugs prescribed by the attending physician.

In order not to cause an increase in edema, it is necessary in the postoperative phase to exclude alcohol consumption and to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, a visit to the solarium and vigorous physical activity. The result is not always perfect. It is very difficult to achieve symmetry. As a result, the result obtained does not always fully correspond to the computer simulation. Human tissue is not so plastic, which is why even the best surgeons cannot calculate the result to the nearest millimeter.

After the operation, a plaster cast is applied to the nose

There are different ratings for operations such as nose operations. Someone managed to fix the problem the first time and someone, even the third operation, did not bring any success. It's all purely individual.

Interesting facts about rhinoplasty

  • The first successful operations were performed by Indian doctors in the 18th century. After that, an article was published with a detailed description of plastic surgery of the nose. The skin from the cheeks and forehead was used for the transplant. This method is still the most important in European rhinoplasty.
  • The more trauma operations that have been caused, the longer it will take to fully recover. Sometimes you have to wait a year or even a year and a half to finally decide whether you like the result or not.
  • Sometimes such operations are performed under local anesthesia for minor problems. However, plastic surgeons are more likely to use general anesthesia.
  • If you do not have any chronic illnesses and the operation has been successful, the recovery period is much faster and easier.
  • The older a person gets, the slower the skin regenerates. Therefore, if you are sure that you need a nose job, do not delay. The further, the harder it is to recover.
  • The specialist you want to entrust your appearance to must be highly qualified. Otherwise, you risk having a disproportionate nose and the operation will have to be repeated. Unofficial statistics suggest that patients are mostly dissatisfied with the plastic of the nose due to the poor performance of the surgeon. Another such operation is only resolved 25-35 percent.