How is the contouring of the nose - to note important features

Modern cosmetology offers effective procedures for the correction of problematic parts of the face. Among them — contouring of the nose (injection rhinoplasty). To fix this unique method of introduction of special injections with the filler, with the visible defects without surgery. What are the advantages of the use of the contouring are, what are the reasons of cases, there is the desired results, and how to avoid unpleasant consequences after the correction.

Indications for the implementation of

The Desire, Contour Plastic Nose

Indication for the procedure, such cases are:

  • too thin or too wide nose, its curvature;
  • Laxity of the skin;
  • no nasal septum at this point, a dash;
  • the nose "looking" to the bottom;
  • Width or asymmetric "wings";
  • the required correction of the nostrils;
  • flat tip of the nose;
  • a hump.

Visit contouring can be used with any age after 18 years.

Attention! To maintain the effect of correction of the injection is recommended, to repeat, while the absorption of the drug — filler.

To note is that the injectable nose correction without surgery will not be able to change dramatically the shape of the nose and remove the curved septum. In this case, surgical intervention is recommended.

Whether the preparation

The Gel has been cast, as it is necessary, and the consequences were saltem, should follow certain rules. A week before the procedure to:

  • contracts get drunk antivirals to those subject to the assessment of the herpetic skin rashes;
  • limit intake of alcohol and not at all on the day prior to the contouring of the nose.

Also, don't keep aggressive beauty treatments two weeks prior to the injection rhinoplasty and not recommended for the use of anticoagulants three days before the correction.

Varieties Methodology

Depending on the issue, contouring of the nose can be administered as follows:

Injection in the nose
  • subcutaneously;
  • subdermal ' no;
  • intradermal;
  • Injection into the mucous membrane.

For contouring the nose, the density of fillers in the Form of gels are used, on the Basis of hyaluronic acid or hydroxyapatite.

Effect of hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the human body, absorbed by the water. For the preparations on their basis is hyaluronic acid of animal or synthetic origin. The effect of such fillers aims at the filling of the volume, moisturising, smoothing of small wrinkles, the natural process of cell division and the production of collagen and Elastin rejuvenation.

Drugs in the composition is hyaluronate, is very popular, because they perceived well by the body and do not cause rejection. In addition, Gel time, absorbed and completely excreted — biodegradable area.

Features Of Hydroxyapatite

The component is located in the natural Form in the bone benefit of the people, so as well as they can. Keeps shape thanks to the formatio kind of implant for a few months after contouring the Boring connective tissue grows and appears to be a permanent filler that is resorbed over time.

Fillers on the Basis of hydroxyapatite longer. But it is important to remember that the doctor needs to know precisely where and how the drug is because the consequences of wrong injections can be very grave.

Features of the method

Session contouring of the nose is not long — about 5-10 min. Usually no anesthesia is required. The injection takes place about five pieces. Filler consumes of 0.5 to 1 ml. Amount of injected filler depends on the extensiveness of the problematic Zone.

Important! Some doctors use pain-relieving agent to the patient was more than pleasant. In this case, the duration of a session, contouring of the nose rises up to half an hour — about 20 min is required, the anesthesia worked.

It is important to ensure that the Filler, the doctor will enter an appropriate quality. You should also ask if he has a certificate that is not expired, if the expiration date, and self-Filler is a product of the well-known manufacturer.

The outcome of the proceedings, the qualification of the doctor affected. Therefore, his choice is with a great sense of responsibility to be addressed: read feedback exploring the sources of his training, examples of work already carried out. Because the contouring of the cheekbones, the filler requires some knowledge of the structure of the nose, the arrangement of the nerve endings, blood vessels, and much more.

The stages of the implementation of the

For the beginning of the patient Position on the Couch in a half-seat. Then skin doctor these steps:

Introduction Filler
  1. The nose Zone of make cleans-rubs up and antiseptic.
  2. Adds anesthesia in the Form of a cream, if anesthetics are used in the work. In this case, time written, until the drug begins to take effect. After stunning with a cotton ball cleaned and the projected area of the correction re-processed an antiseptic Tank.
  3. The next step — the introduction of the filler. Will be introduced in areas you want to correct. There may be, nasal septum, nose, the place above the upper lip, the upper area, and much more. After each puncture and injection of the filler doctor press of the movement, the distribution of the Filler, is how you want to — "Student" of the desired contour. In this time, the site of the puncture, the blood may leak out, which is normal.
  4. After all the point of injection, the treated area is wiped again antiseptic.

With anesthesia or without Patient any pain should feel. Allowed a slight tingling sensation during puncture, and the feeling of "wealth" in the introduction of the filler.

Rehabilitation phase

The result of the contouring are visible immediately. In General, the serious complications will not occur. In the first hour, maybe redness, and swelling, which will go quickly. The Patient can immediately return to a normal life, a few rules.

Why not be the first 3-4 days:

  • places touch the punctures of the Hand;
  • the application of decorative cosmetics;
  • implement all of the fillers to the pressure of the introduction.

Tip. Important to treat the area again with the introduction of the antiseptic injections to complete healing of the wounds.

What needs to fall in the first two weeks:

  • from the visit to the Saunas, solariums, saunas;
  • excessive physical activities and sports;
  • strong inclination to the seat heating front;
  • all cosmetic treatments and Hardware therapy;
  • under the prohibition of taking a hot shower, and tub.

Any overheating-prone, fast-track breeding hyaluronic acid.

If you can an additional correction, re-plastic the shape of the nose through two weeks.

The overall result is a function of the filler, and takes an average of about 12 months.

Where and how much the cost of the procedure

The contouring of the nose by an experienced doctor, Dermato-cosmetologist in the core areas of the clinic for plastic medicine.

The prices for the injection rhinoplasty depend on the chosen drug, the qualifications of the doctor and the clinic. 


Despite the fact that the procedure is less traumatic, it should not be done:

  • Down the skin layers of ceilings;
  • benign and malignant tumors;
  • Exacerbations of chronic diseases;
  • viral and bacterial infections, any place;
  • Diseases of the blood;
  • Fear of stitches;
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • critical days;
  • Tendency to form keloids;
  • individual intolerance of the drug;
  • Diseases of the endocrine system, Diabetes.

Not plastic nose, and after an aggressive cosmetic procedures, if to you not two weeks passed. With caution performed injection rhinoplasty for patients who are prone to high blood pressure.


In General, the process is simple, without complications. Sometimes there are consequences, as the Norm:

The consequences of the contouring of the nose
  • a small swelling;
  • Bruising;
  • slight tenderness;

These symptoms disappear within 3-7 days. To facilitate the patient's condition the doctor may prescribe:

  • Painkillers;
  • Remedy for bruises.


Their danger is that they appear to be even a few weeks after the injection rhinoplasty.

What can be:

  • migration Gel — appears after injuries of the nose, or if entered inferior Dröge;
  • allergic reaction — the antihistaminicas means;
  • infectious inflammation as a result of the violation of the rules of Hygiene during the contouring of the nose, or the penetration of bacteria after the procedure, if the Patient violates the rules of the disposal of the treated Zone;
  • Necrosis, blockage of blood vessels, embolism — Filler came in a blood vessel during administration of the injection;
  • the formation of the tubercle, asymmetry — wrong or excessive administration of the drug.

Similar consequences arise mostly due to inexperience of the physician.

Attention! Especially dangerous are the complications after you entered the incorrect filler with hydroxyapatite. The penetration in a blood vessel to severe diseases of the cardiovascular system to the heart attack.

Why no result

The cause for this result, contouring can be a lack of preparation, introduction of it in to a depth of layer or the individual peculiarity of the patient's skin.

Other Procedures. Comparison

For non-surgical rhinoplasty is also Lipofilling. By Transplantation of adipose tissue of the patient, the correction of the nose in the right places.

The procedure is effective for the filling of wrinkles and volume give. Anti-Aging properties is missing, partially absorbed, creating the effect of "shrinkage" in the input.

Before and after the procedure

Practiced also hormonal plastic. Its effect consists in the introduction in the problem areas of drugs-the corticosteroids. Your action aims at the division of the soft tissues (cartilage), causing the nose reduced. The effect lasts about two months.

The nose correction and fila, which will be introduced in the subcutaneous tissues, the creation of a solid framework. With their help, you can raise the tip of the nose or to correct "wing".

The cheapest is the application of a special fastening langetti. Bear tracks-long need to be under their influence was the new Position of cartilage tissue.

In the case of serious defects, it is recommended that a surgical nose correction. You can radically change the shape of the nose, and even to restore the function of nasal breathing. Like after every surgery, recover the Patient long after the surgery.

How neutralizes the drug introduced

If for any reason you are satisfied with the result patients are, or there is a threat to his health is necessary to take immediate action.

With the introduction of fillers based on hyaluronic acid Hyaluronidase helps. You lead by injection or Hardware-wise. In most cases, the Gel is excreted completely from the body after the first time.

Filler on the Basis of hydroxyapatite does not bring immediately. Weaken the effect of the drug can procedures, the introduction of saline solution, Hardware. The occurrence of complications focal local therapy applied.

Pros and cons

Pre-contouring of the nose:

    A beautiful nose
  • the possibility of a correction without surgery;
  • no long rehabilitation period;
  • the respiratory function are not violated;
  • the speed of the procedure;
  • Safety Fillers.

The disadvantages of contouring are:

  • the costs of the proceedings;
  • the fragility of the drug;
  • the result depends on the experience of the physician.

The opinion of the experts

Detailed information about the type of contouring of the nose, the surgeon told the attention on the properties and characteristics of hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid. He also says the correction of the nose with an injection with a Corticosteroid, wherein the emphasis is on the fact that the last way is not very easy to use.

Another doctor told that the contouring can't solve serious problems with the appearance of the nose, and he welcomes the opportunities that a temporary result.

Another doctor approved fillers based on hyaluronic acid. During the injection, on the Basis of betamethasone and other similar drugs to him not credible. He pointed out that the shape of the nose cannot be changed with your help. But the consequences can be serious pretty.

The reviews of the patients

Many patients notice the positive results after the contouring of the nose. So, a girl has decided, with the help of the injection, rhinoplasty bump on the nose removed. The result has left me completely satisfied. Already on the second day, flirted with the work of the physician. The introduction of fillers repeat again.

Another patient completely disappointed in the contouring. To remove the bump, she underwent multiple procedures. And the result is never seen. In the work of the doctor used for injection and rails.

There are also those women who have a rhinoplasty, but note that the result could reach. And yet, the procedures recommend as a way, minor defects to fix.

In a review of the Patient of the performed rhinoplasty, shares his experience with the filler. And the fact that they have not begun to immediately do the procedures to due to the fact that defects very noticeable. But they found specialists who have agreed to try. The result is good. The result, announced on the second day.

Before resorting to the correction of the nose with the help of the outline of the plastic, you should understand whether the introduction of the filler in the present Problem, or is better, a plastic nose correction. To do this, choose a highly qualified doctor who will assess the Situation from a professional point of view and give good advice. And if there is enough injection, the correction is, it is everything, without health risks.